STOP! Can you do this forever?

James Head Trainer and one of our Nutrition Coaches for the SCALE Plan operation

STOP! 🛑 Can you do this forever?

You’ve made that big decision that you’d like to lose some weight, and like many others you’ve started looking at all the shiny new plans and products available to help you with your challenge.

You’ve seen a few that claim their way will make it ‘super easy’ to burn fat or lose weight. They’re showing quick results and significant weight loss in ‘just a few weeks’. It’s so tempting…

STOP! 🚨✋🏽🚨

Before you sign up to anything, ask yourself “Can I do this forever?”

This may sound like an extreme question to ask yourself, but it’s actually really important. Sure, crash dieting and weight-loss products may help you lose weight quickly; but what are you going to do when you’ve lost the weight? You may be motivated for a short while after, and keep some of the weight off…but eventually you’ll go back to old habits find yourself back in a position worse than before. You may have even damaged your body (and finances) in the process 😧💸

Have a think about our previous blog post, where we talked about the cycle of forming habits – it’s better to start with small changes, acknowledge smaller Slip Ups, then work your way up to have habits that are sustainable and long-term.

If you can’t do whatever you’re looking to do forever, is it really worth it? 🤔

It would be better to spend your time, money and energy working on the reasons why you are in the position you’re in at the moment.

Here at SCALE Plan we are not about crash dieting or magic potions 🧙🏽‍♂‍, instead we look to slowly address the actual behaviours that got us to where we are. By addressing them we know that the weight we lose or the fat we burn will be sustainable.
Oh, and YES ✔You can do this forever! ⚖


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