Here at Scale Plan, we know there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to health coaching. We aren’t here for blueprints or magic formulas. And we certainly don’t believe in quick fixes.

What we do believe in, is tailored, thoughtful coaching built around you and your unique lifestyle. Built around research and evidence-based science.

Our bespoke coaching taps into the areas of support you need the most; be it nutrition, fitness, accountability, self-confidence, or the entire lot. Whatever your mind and body craves, we will get there. One step at a time.

Weight loss



We know that sustainable success comes from creating simple, lifelong habits. Which is precisely what Scale Plan is all about.

We'll work with you on your first week to find out more about you. Your Coaching Plan will be designed based on in-depth research about you, your motivations and your circumstances. It will then be led by you to give you a genuine sense of control, as well as the clarity and confidence to continue driving forward your new lifestyle habits far beyond our work together.

We’ll keep a steady track of your progress and adapt your Coaching Plan when needed.

All 12-week Coaching Plans include:

Most importantly, your Coaching Plan is all about being simple and sustainable. We will do this by providing you with support, encouragement, and honesty. 

Your commitment

We work with our Members for a minimum of 12-weeks, so we have long enough to give you the tools to achieve lifelong, healthy habits.


£80, paid every four weeks. Payment will be taken on the first day of registration.

It’s our connections and years spent ingrained in the science and research industry that make us different. It means we know what it takes to give our clients the absolute best coaching currently on the market.

Will you join us?

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